Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Using the "If Not Billed Since" Option When Generating Billing Statements

One of the lesser-known features of billing statements is the If Not Billed Since option. Adjusting your billing cycle so you are sending statements every day and using this option is a great way to cut down on the flood of phone calls that follows the big billing statement day.

Sending fewer statements more often can even out your cash flow and phone calls so you're sending 10-15 statements a day and getting a few phone calls instead of sending 200 statements in one day and getting 100 phone calls the week after you run statements.

In order to use this feature properly, you would create billing statements (with this option checked) at the end of every day. The If Not Billed Since option defaults to 30 days, so you're sending a statement to anyone who hasn't been billed in the last 30 days.

For the first month or two you run statements this way, you'll still have a big batch of statements each month. But as patients come to the practice throughout the month, or as you generate individual statements from the Ledger as needed, the statements will spread out over the month and you'll end up with just a few everyday.

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