Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finding Available Appointment Times within a Time Block

Updated 5/5/2020

The Find New Appointment Time feature allows you to quickly find available times in your schedule that match specific criteria that you set. If you are looking for an opening with a specific provider, on a specific day, within a specific time range or time block, let the Find New Appointment Time do the searching for you.

  1. In the Appointment Book, click the Find New Appointment Time button.
  2. In the Find New Appointment Time dialog box, select the providers, operatories, days, dates, times and/or time blocks you need for the desired appointment.

  3. Click Search.
Dentrix will show you a list of available appointment times that fit your search criteria, and are within the specified time block. 

Select an appointment date from the list that and click Select. The Appointment Book advances to the date when you can create the appointment.

For additional information, see our previous tip titled, Setting up Time Blocks for Providers.


MansfieldCTFamilyDentistry said...

I would love to use this feature but haven't found a way to make it work with our practice. We are a one doc office with 3 operatories. The doctor will be booked in 1 of the 3 operatories depending on the type of procedure. If I go to search for a specific time for an appointment it will tell me there are 2 operatories/appointments available when the doctor is booked in the 3rd operatory for that time. Is there a way to avoid having the other operatories show availability and only show when none of the 3 operatories are booked reflecting an actual open appointment?

Dentrix Tips Tuesdays said...

Great question, MansfieldCTFamilyDentistry!
The reason this is happening is due to how you have set up the appointment time pattern (noting how much of the total appointment length is Dr time, Assistant time, and/or Chair time. There is a great Help Topic in Dentrix that explains this. In the Dentrix Help, look for the topic titled "Changing appointment lengths" and pay attention to step #2.
Basically when you set up a 30 minute appointment (for example)starting at 9am in Op-1, and the doctor will be with the patient for the first 10 minutes and then the assistant will finish up for the next 20 minutes, you would set the time pattern (see the help topic) as follows: X//
Once you have done that, the Find Appointment Time feature will only display open time slots from 9:10am on because it can now see that the Dr isn't available from 9-9:10am. I hope this helps!