Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Patient Insurance Eligibility

Are you looking for a fast way to verify if a patient is eligible for insurance benefits on the day of treatment? eCentral's Insurance Manager can quickly and accurately help you determine if a patient will have coverage on the day of an appointment.

You can also quickly see if a patient is eligible for benefits, with the Eligibility icon located on the face of the appointment:

A blue E on a white background indicates that the patient is eligible for benefits, and the description in the Appointment Information dialog box reads YES.

A gray E on a yellow background indicates one of the following:
    • The patient's eligibility could not be verified, possibly because of incorrectly entered or missing information. The description in the Appointment Information dialog box reads OTHER.
    • The patient's eligibility has not been checked or entered for the past five days.
If the Eligibility icon does not appear, and the description in the Appointment Information dialog box is blank, the patient's eligibility has never been checked or entered.

For more information, download the Checking Patient Insurance Eligibility getting started guide by logging in to the Dentrix Resource Center and searching for knowledgebase article #58049. From the Resource Center you can watch helpful videos on how to set up patient eligibility in eCentral, how to submit eligibility requests in Dentrix, and how to view eligibility documents, as well as view a recorded webinar on the eCentral Insurance Manager.

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Get the real time insurance eligibility verification information you need on the front end to assess eligibility in seconds.