Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Entering Deductibles Met/Benefits Used

Updated 9/26/2019

Dentrix automatically tracks benefits used and deductibles met for patients when you post an insurance payment. However, you may have patients who come to your practice mid-year. These patients might have met part or all of their deductibles for the year or used part or all of their maximum benefits. In this situation, you'll want to enter this information into Dentrix so it can be tracked for you.
  1. Select a patient in the Family File.
  2. Double-click the Insurance Block to open the Insurance Information dialog box.
  3. Click the Deductibles button to open the Edit Deductibles Met/Benefits Used dialog box.

  4. Edit the information as needed, and click OK to exit.

Bonus Tip:
You can also enter deductibles met and benefits used information from the Ledger. With a patient selected in the Ledger, double-click a pending/sent claim in the transaction log. When the Primary (or Secondary) Dental Insurance Claim window opens, double-click the Subscriber Information block. Enter the deductibles the patient has met in the appropriate fields of the Patient/Insurance Information dialog box that opens. Enter the benefits the patient has used in the Benefits Applied field. Click OK to save your changes, and click File > Exit to close the claim.

For additional information, see the Entering Deductibles topic in Dentrix Help.


Bolam Dental Office, Inc. said...

Is that even possible on Dentrix 11? The "deductible" button doesn't exist in the insurance box.

Dentrix Tips Tuesdays said...

The deductible button was added in Dentrix G4. There is a knowledgebase article #35509 that explains how you can do this with previous Dentrix versions Go to http://www.dentrix.com/resource-center/login.aspx then enter your customer ID and office zip code.