Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rescheduling Groups of Appointments

Have you ever had a time when you have received a phone call from a patient saying that they (and their three kids) can't make it to their appointments today? Or a phone call from the doctor or hygienist saying that they are sick and can't see any of their scheduled patients for the day?

Maybe you come in to work to find that an operatory chair is broken and won't raise or lower and so you are going to have to reschedule all appointments assigned to that room for the day.  Or the combination of a rainstorm the night before and an open window means that the entire backroom is flooded and you need to reschedule all appointments for the day?

Rescheduling appointments en masse in Dentrix is a snap!

From the Appointment Book, right click on any appointment and hover over the Move to Pinboard option.  It gives you further options that include:
  • Moving the selected appointment
  • Moving an entire family's appointments for the displayed date
  • Moving an entire provider's appointments for the displayed date
  • Moving an entire operatory's appointments for the displayed date
  • Moving ALL appointments for the displayed date

You can use these options to quickly move groups of appointments to the Pinboard. Then use the Pinboard as a temporary holding place while you find other open slots for those appointments. Dentrix saves all the information attached to the appointment for you so rescheduling is a snap!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Customizing Continuing Care Types

Do you use continuing care types to set the intervals you use to schedule patients for routine and follow-up treatment? In addition to the default continuing care types, you can create your own continuing care types for procedures that are not included in the defaults, such as orthodontic work or nutrition/tobacco counseling. You can also modify the default types by adding procedures or changing their time intervals.

For more information about setting up new continuing care types or adding procedure codes to existing types, see the Continuing Care Management webinar recording in the Dentrix Resource Center.